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Psykotango offers a unique approach to relationship development, providing customized communication and connection workshops that are individually tailored to fit each couple's needs with an emphasis on exploring both what works and what needs improvement,

We specialize in helping couples build trust, laugh together, create memorable moments, and connect mindfully and deeply for harmonious relationships in their day-to-day life

Our workshops created by our relationship development experts, will help you create a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

What is Psykotango

Our workshops

Psykotango  DateNights are our couples workshop dedicated to strengthening connection, relationships and trust. Through deep and profound activities tailored to each couple, couples can clarify patterns and discover the tools needed to build stronger and more longlasting relationships. It teaches couples how to work better together, strengthen their communication, and learn to lean on each other.

The workshops offers a safe and welcoming environment for people to get acquainted with  each other and prepare them to explore more about their relationships . Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in a variety of theme-related exercises  in pairs. They can share and reflect on their experiences with their partners and with the group  with the support of a facilitator , offering support and interventions as needed.

 The workshop will conclude with a small get together to wrap things up, discuss ideas and receive feedback.

Duration: 3,5h


Our workshops

Francoise Beaudet,Mtl

“Une activité puissante et très significative, animée d'une main de maître par Nadine. Merci beaucoup !."

Diana Mouamar, Dubai

""This session was so powerful. It created a meaningful connection between couples by experiencing fun and simple exercises yet very deep”"

Chadi Bejjani, Mtl

“J'ai pu me connecter avec ma femme comme la première fois que je l'ai rencontrée, celle que j'ai épousée il y a 10 ans”
Couples connexion 

Montreal, CA

Couple Biking 2
Couples in sync


Couple Biking 2
Couples in sync


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